To become an enduring brand, you need to play the long game.
Liquidity conditions for NFTs today are highly exceptional. There ain't no free lunch.

February 2023

Ordinals kicked off a flurry of interest in Bitcoin NFTs. Crypto always finds a way to surprise.

January 2023

Liquid NFTs are an intriguing opportunity. The winners will be massive, beyond our imagination.

December 2022

We are reliant on good taste, until the infrastructure and applications around identity, social and NFTs mature.
Art thrives in low Belief Rate environments.
Also: Uniswap Launches its NFT Aggregator

November 2022

NFT teams & their communities have a symbiotic relationship, which is critical for transparency

October 2022

Rabid fan culture in Asia means its primed for takeoff with NFTs

September 2022

Now that the speculative mania has subsided, where do Bored Apes, Doodles, Azukis and other PFPs go from here?

December 2021

NFTs are the bridge between culture and monetary value. As digital, material representations of a set of values and beliefs, they can drive powerful…

November 2021

Why NFTs are different, what drives narratives + value. And a simple ontology for NFTs